The Stair Barrier pet and baby gate are designed to prevent child from falling and to prevent child from bottom or top of stairs. There are many types of baby gate like screw fitting stair gate, pressure fitting stair gate, auto close baby gate, retractable stair gate, travel safety gate, wooden baby gate and banister as well as balcony guard. The screw fitting stair barrier can be used at top of the stair or doorway that is easy to install and requires fixing to be screwed on the wall and also drilling required. There is many advantage of screw fitted gate where the barrier is fitted properly and it is more secure.

Here is the list of top 10 best baby gate stairs

Pressure fitting stair gates are easy to install and it is not strong like screw fitting stair gate. Stair barrier gate can be used for separating between rooms and it is not ideal to use in top of the stair. Another big advantage of stair barrier is that it can be moved between any opening.

Auto close gate

Some gates offers you additional safety where the gate closes automatically every time after you pass through and it is easy to install. You can easily go inside and outside of the gate to save more time.

Retractable baby gate

It is suitable for variety of width without requiring a extension kit and this gate can be used for small area. It works like a roll up window shade that can be simply pulled as far it is required. Stair Barrier pet and child gate can be used to cover bottom of the stair, top of the stair and high traffic areas. You can operate the retractable baby gate in a easier manner and it is difficult to use the gate with one hand.

Travel safety gate

You can utilize this gate when you travel outside and it is a pressure mounted gate where there is no drilling required to fix it. It can block doorways, hallways and other spaces which is light weight and it is easy to use.

Wooden baby gate

In wooden gate there is pressure fit and screw fit baby gates available. It gives a good appearance to the home and it is cheaper than metal.

Banister and balcony guard

It is a simple and reliable way to ensure that child does not get stuck or slip through gaps. It is useful for small pet and kids.

Stair Barrier

Tips: You can buy a stair barrier as it gives 100% safety with jerry rigging attached to the gate.

The stair barrier can be easy installed with no assembly or additional mounting required. This product is used for bottom of the stair and the product is available in different sizes. There are stair gates that can be used for indoor and outdoor purpose that meets all the safety requirement. The best way to keep your child and pet in a secure manner where the banister to banister can be installed within minutes without any tools. Stair barrier are internally reinforced to prevent the gates from being pulled up or down. You can also prevent babies from injury and many of the gate are light weight and portable.

10 Best Baby Gates for Stairs

No-Drill Portable Banister to Banister Baby Gates – Safety Gates for Kids or Dogs

The stair barrier wall to banister gate is a retractable fabric safety product suitable for both babies and pets. This baby gate weighs 6.65 pounds with product dimensions as 32 x 42 x 0.2 inches and the maximum height recommendation is 32 inches. The type of material used for this product is Polypropylene. This product is available in two sizes manufactured with high quality class 1 upholstery grade fabric, heavy duty polypropylene webbing, dual sided release buckles and internal rigid plastic struts. The stair barrier gate is specifically designed for bottom of the stairs with all necessary safety standards meeting the requirements of parents of toddlers and pets (both large and small dogs, which is an added benefit). This gate can be easily installed and does not require the help of a professional carpenter, although basic amount of drilling is required which can be done even by a lay man. The set up of the gate can be done by simply understanding of the installation kit that comes with the package and with very minimal accessories. Hence, that makes the baby gate a user friendly one for installation. Stair Barriers adapt to any banister type, volute, fluted or square. This baby gate can fit openings ranging from 36 to 43 inches. The holistic design and fabric type of the gate compliments to the overall look and appeal of one’s residence. Interior design and child safety are the emphasizing features of the stair banister gate. A even more special feature of this gate is that it rolls to the side and out of the way when it is not in use.


The quality is not up to the mark and the dog is able to bite the fabric.

Banister to Wall Baby Gate – Safety Gates for Kids or Dogs

The Stair Barrier gate finds its use as a safety gate, baby and toddler gate, pet (large and small dogs) gate, or both. As the name goes, this gate is a definite barrier considering the safety of the playful puppies and toddlers. An act of prevention to avoid any hurt to the babies and pets is the main safety key for this gate. The best part of this product is the easy installation at the required place. User friendly in setting up the gate with no drilling and no assembling required. This is as simple as to say that there is no professional person’s help required for this gate’s assembling. The strap and buckle system attaches to any shape of banister type, being Volute, fluted or square. A more unique feature of this gate is that it is weather resistant. The two indoor and outdoor fabric options are weather and mildew resistant and a great option for both indoor and outdoor use. Another prominent feature (similar to a retractable gate) of this product is that it rolls to the side and out of the way when not in use. It weighs 4.35 pounds with product dimensions 34 x 6 x 6 inches. Material type of the gate is Polypropylene with maximum height recommendation as 32 inches.


It requires banister or spindles for specific size and it is not very effective.

Evenflo Expansion Walk Thru Room Divider Gate

Evenflo Expansion Walk Thru Room Divider Gate is ideal for extra wide opening and it accommodates opening between 24″ to 60″. It is a necessary gate for unique opening and the hardware mount attachment is easy to use. You can use this gate for high traffic areas and the gate opens in both the direction where the latch easily works with one hand. There is special telescopic safety rail that keeps fingers safe from pinching when the gate expands or contradicts during the use. The four point hardware installation makes the work too easy and keep your pet at restricted area. It can’t be used at top of the stair and this product is convenient for the parents to use.


It has a flimsy locking mechanism and some dogs are able to chew and bend the gate.

Top of Stairs Secure Metal Gate – 29-42 Inch Wide

The summer infant top of stairs simple to secure metal gate can be used at top, bottom of the stair and between rooms. It is a 30″ tall gate that fits opening between 29″ to 42″ wide. This product comes with precision fit template for accurate, fast and easy installation with no measuring required. It comes with unique comfort grip handle for easy one hand release and when it is used in rooms it is used between rooms the gate door opens in either direction and can be operated with one hand. The dual locking system gives peace of mind for additional security and gives more safety for your child.


The hardware included does not secure the gate.

Pet Retractable Safety Gate, Indoor / Outdoor

The retractable safety gate for indoor and outdoor protection which is ideal for doorways, between walls, stairwells, indoor and outdoor. This safety gate comes with unique woven barrier that retracts to fully or partially quick pass through. It comes with size of 45.3″ W x 32.5″ H and keeps your pet in safe limit and this gate is a flexible material that extends to block access to any opening up to 45 inches. When your are not using the gate it takes a minimal space and it is perfect for your home decor. It is alternate remedy for hardware mounted gate and this product is easy to access. The safety gate is built with partially see through woven mesh fabric woven to withstand rough handling of pets. You can use this gate as a pet barrier and it is not recommended for child safety where small dogs may escape underneath the barrier if it not installed properly. The retractable gate can be moved anywhere inside the house when required and it has great functionality without ruining your interior design. This product is easy to assemble and can be used anywhere in between.


It does not latch correctly and there is noise while opening and closing the gate.

72″ Wide Deluxe Décor Baby Gate – 38.3″-72″ wide

Deluxe decor gate fits extra wide opening and has a matte finish on heavy duty metal. This safety gate is extra wide 25.5 inches making it perfect size for the entire family. This gate is easy to use and do one hand operation with stay open feature that is easy to assist busy parent. It is a one way swinging gate with childproof double locking system for added safety that every parent is looking for. There is also pivot points on the safety gate panel which allows the gate to be mounted on straight or angled walls. This gate is ideal for large opening up to 72 inches and also increase the width of the gate with 6 bar extension available that adds 15 inches to the gate(sold separately). The gate can also be removed from hardware bracket on either side or simply swung out of the way. Deluxe decor gate fits opening from 38.3 to 72 inches wide with 30 inches high. You can configure to any space in snap and the pivot panel on the gate panel lets you to move the panel independently for the perfect fit. It fits extra wide opening in your home with the use of extendable gate and it is perfect for variety of room opening.


The gate comes in a flimsy construction and the locking mechanism is getting stuck and wouldn’t lock properly.

Summer Deluxe Stairway to Secure Wood Safety Gate, 30-48 Inch Wide

Get the summer infant deluxe stairway with antique oak finished gate that is ideal for stairways, hallways and doorways with hardware mounted. It is 32 inch tall gate that fits opening 30 to 48 inch wide with unique comfort grip handle for easy one handed release. This gate has product dimension of 33.2 x 2.2 x 28.6 inches and it is ideal for age range between 6 month to 2 year. You can use it between rooms to keep your child or pet in a secure location. It provides extra security when used at the top of the stair and the door opens in both the direction when it is used between rooms. When the gate is used in stairway, the included door stopper allows for added security that prevents door from swinging open over the stairs. It provides dual locking system that provides peace of mind to ensure that gate is securely locked every time. The installation is simple and straight forward with no measuring required. It has removable swing stop mechanism that prevents the gate from swinging out over your stairway.


The hinge bracket did not fit and the material are of low quality.

Eco-Friendly Nature Next Bamboo Baby Gate

The safety 1st Bamboo Doorway Gate fits doorway and opening between 28 to 42 inch inches and it is 24 inches high. This gate comes with durable bamboo frame and recycled plastic panel. There is also non marring bumper to protect your woodwork from unwanted ding and scratches. It is pressure mounted gate where it requires no hardware or tools to install. You can use this gate to create baby or pet friendly bay within your home. You can use this gate for bottom of stair, doorways and hallways. The plastic panel are attractive with darker color that matches your home interior as well as fold the gate easily when it is not required. It is subtle and comes with see through mesh design. You can also easily move gate between rooms without leaving marks behind and it is best for child safety. The frame is made of recycled plastic which is easy to adjust and it is perfect for indoor use.


The gate is too flimsy and it does not fit normal sized doorways. It can’t fit securely in any door frame and can be pushed down easily.

Summer Anywhere Decorative Walk-Thru Gate

Get the Summer infant anywhere decorative walk-thru gate that accommodates opening between 28″ to 42.5 and it stands 30″ inch tall. It is a pressure mounted installation between rooms with hardware included for using at top of the stair. There is comfort grip handle with double locking operation that can be opened and closed with one hand. It offers a secure barrier for pets and does not damage the wall. This gate also prevents your baby from climbing up or falling down the stair. The one hand walk-through can be operated within one hand and the included door stopper allows for added security by preventing the door from swinging open over the stair. It is a pressure mounted installation and can be used between doorways by using pressure mounted tension bolt where the included mount requires no drilling or tools to prevent mark, dent or scratches. There is also optional hardware required for secure installation which is ideal to use at top or bottom of the stair. You can give a safer place to child where kids can play and explore by giving peace of mind. This gate is available in walnut wood finish with charcoal accent finish.


The product quality is not up to the mark and the gate does not close automatically.

Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate with Pressure-Mounted

Safety 1st wide doorways fabric gate can be used in doorways and has opening ranging from 38 to 60 inch. It is a pressure mounted installation that has easy removal in doors and pass through areas, without tools, drilling or additional hardware. This gate is a sturdy adjustable design with height of 27 inches and it is also perfect for hallways. You can also have an eye on behind the gate with a soft translucent panel that allows you to look through the other side. It is a stain guarded and machine washable fabric that complements any decor and has a drawstring bag that is easy to store or take with you on the road. This is the best way to create pet friendly area or baby area in your home. It is a sturdy adjustable design that comes with one year limited warranty. You can do any kind of work with peace of mind by using this fabric gate. These gate specifically designed to protect your children from household danger and it ensure that it has a fun-filled playtime.


It is not adjustable to different doorway length and the fabric too tight. The gate does not fit 60 inch doorways and it is wobbly.


It is best to go with hardware mounted baby gate as it is sturdy and it can withstand kids pressure. You can go with double locking system baby gate as it provides additional safety and buy that comes with international safety standard.